The Northern Lights Can Be Your Personal Nightlight With A Vero Assignment In Alaska!

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Alaska is the northernmost state in the country with a beautiful and unique atmosphere and way of life. Vero is currently staffing 23 positions across the state of Alaska! Find them here

Read on to find out why you should apply for an Alaskan travel nurse assignment!

Alaska has one of the most beautiful landscapes and is home to amazing wildlife! Here is our list of must-do activities while you are on assignment!

Wildlife Sightings

You definitely want to take time on your days off to take a tour to see the wild moose, black, brown, and polar bears that call Alaska home. If you enjoy marine life more book a tour on a local boat to do some whale viewing and be sure to have that camera ready! And for a truly Alaskan experience, you can give dog sledding a try! Mushers give tours and rides year-round and you may even get to see some pups if you're lucky!


Some may argue this is the best way to take in all of the beauty Alaska has to offer! Take flight with an experienced pilot and see all of the amazing wildlife from above while you soar over glaciers and get a closer look at all of the surrounding mountains!

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights also called Aurora borealis best viewed September through April and are a must while visiting Alaska! The bright light display is actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun, and are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Ride The Tramway

Flightseeing isn't the only view from above Alaska has to offer, you can also catch a ride on the Alyeska Tramway.  You will enjoy swinging over treetops 2,000 feet up with a perfect view of seven glaciers, ponds, and the local wildlife.

Get Up Close And Personal With The Glaciers

A uniquely Alaskan experience! Take a cruise around to view these ancient chilly giants!

Are you ready for your Alaskan adventure? Apply for your next travel nurse assignment with Vero today! 

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