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Join a Team That Goes the Extra Mile for You.

At Vero, our nurses are family. Founded by nurses and clinical specialists, we have the knowledge of what it takes to deliver the best care to patients. We handle the details so you can enjoy your travels & focus on what’s most important.

See the competitive benefits we offer.
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happy travel nurses“]

“ VeroRN has been nothing more than the best nursing travel company I’ve worked with. My recruiter has ensured that my needs have been met from day 1. Other travel agency recruiters that I have worked with in the past do not always stay connected after you accept your assignment and seal the contract, this is one of the main reasons I like working with Vero. I feel that my recruiter and I are team members working towards the same outcomes.”

– William Eric Lee, ICU Travel RN
“My recruiter is phenomenal. He is encouraging and supportive. can call him any time, any day and he will respond immediately, ready to help me. Vero has always been very good to me, and I’m happy with their support and hard work of finding me assignments that I enjoy.”

– Michelle Bradshaw, ER Travel RN
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Vero blog Posts

Don’t miss a beat. Check out our blog filled with ressources just for you.

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