“I’ve personally had no problems”……..Another Great Review for Our “Super Recruiter” Simon Turnheim!

Another Great Review for Our "Super Recruiter" Simon Turnheim!

"How many of you guys have ever went to a job or signed a contract and then the recruiter told you the pay package changed and tried to get you to sign on at a new rate? Or I have seen the stories too that people were mid contract and they were contacted by their recruiter that said the hospital lowered the rate so the company was lowering that nurses pay. Well I was contacted by my recruiter yesterday to inform me he was sending me a contract addendum to sign because they changed the pay package. That addendum however was because recruiter wanted to make sure I immediately got the increased rate that was being offered. Simon Turnheim is the ONLY recruiter I’ve personally ever heard of doing something like that. He has 15 needs to be filled for med tele in Guam as well so feel free to let me know if you’d like to come to this island. I can put you in touch with him. I know people have been bad mouthing the company he works for but I can tell you I’ve personally had no problems and quite a few of the problems you see people having are quite frankly illegitimate complaints. Since he has taken over almost exclusive recruiting for GRMC I’ve also heard many fewer complaints coming from the other travelers. I think there is a common denominator here and it’s Simon."

FB Comment 1/19/19

Look at this testimonial from one of our travelers who went to Guam!

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