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Q – What kind of experience do I need to travel?
A – Generally in order to secure your first travel assignment, you’re required to have two years as an RN, and a minimum of one current year in the unit you are applying for.

Q – What does orientation look like while on a travel assignment?
A – Orientation can vary from facility to facility, but most consist of 1-3 days of orientation. Those typically consist of time with HR/ Education, and actual unit orientation.

Q – How long is a typical travel assignment?
A – Most assignments are 13 weeks at a time, but depending on facility need, they can be 4 to even 52 weeks in some cases.

Q – Can I travel with my family or pet?
A – Yes. Just be sure to explain to your recruiter upfront, so they can understand what your needs are. The only issue that is typically presented would be if you have what is considered a dangerous, or large breed of animal. We encourage you to bring your pet on assignments however, if you are interested in an assignment on Guam, pets are not recommended due to the extensive clearance process the pet must endure.

Q – What can I expect in terms of pay?
A – Pay can vary greatly from facility to facility, and region of the country. However, when going from a staff position, to travel, in many cases you can expect to double your current income. Generally, pay is lower in areas that are highly desirable (such as Hawaii or California). Conversely, pay is higher in less-traveled areas such as Hazard, Ky. (for example).

Q – How does the tax-free money work?
A –The amount of money provided depends on a couple of factors. One, it depends on the state and county you are going to be working in. Second, it depends on the overall rate the company is able to negotiate with the facility.

Q – How far away do I need to go in order to be considered a traveler?
A – The “Rule of Thumb” most companies use, is a 50-mile rule. Those 50 miles being from your home address, to the facility address. However, you must be able to show that you are duplicating expenses to qualify. Always consult a tax professional however.

Q – Does Vero offer travel nurse opportunities internationally?
A – The answer is yes. Vero is one on the few travel nurse companies that can help you find travel nurse jobs internationally. We currently have exclusive travel nurse opportunities in both Guam and Saipan.

Q – Do I have to do the legwork to ensure I have all the necessary credentials in place for a travel assignment?

A – No. We handle all the paperwork for you! In fact, many travel agencies ask you to do this on your own but at Vero, you are one of the family and we take care of you!