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Founded by nurses and clinical specialist, we have the knowledge of what it takes to deliver the best care to patients. We handle the details so you can enjoy your travels.

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Kind Words From Happy Travel Nurses

People sharing their thoughts about our work

I feel I have built a great working relationship with my recruiter. He's always available if I need, even if it just to chat. We are transparent with one another. And I feel as though I'm not just a body to fill a slot. I believe the company does their best to take care of the nurses.

– Heather B, Travel Nurse

I've been working with Vero since 2017 and it has been an awesome experience. My recruiter is the best! What makes him great, is that I can depend on him to help me and treat me respectfully and kindly. I can easily pick up the phone and call him about any issues or if I'm ready for the next assignment.

– Debbie V., Travel Nurse

I can't brag enough about how wonderful my recruiter is. He is genuine, caring, hardworking…just an amazing human being! He works hard to make sure I get what I want and need in my assignments. He checks on me regularly to make sure my expectations are met and I'm being treated well.

– Kim C., Travel Nurse

Vero has been good to me and my recruiter has always been very personable and there for support. He stays on top to things and always checks in.

– Danielle D., Travel Nurse