Travel Nurses:  Top 5 Reasons Why Nursing Ranks as the Most Trusted Profession

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Nursing ranks as the most trusted profession for honesty and ethical standards.  Trust plays a critical role in the relationship between nurses and the patients they care for.  Nurses follow the Code of Ethics for Nurses which guide them throughout their career.  Travel nurses have a unique opportunity to carry this trust and professionalism to places all around the world.   Here are the top 5 reasons why nurses are the most trusted profession.

1) Respect for others:

Nurses respect the beliefs and customs of individuals, families, and communities.  All patients are treated equally and the nursing profession strives to create an environment that provides the best possible care to any and all patients.  Nurses are also excellent at communicating with respect.  They are trained to speak with patients and families in non-medical terms when necessary and validating an understanding of what is being said.

2) Commitment to the patient:

Nurses actions directly affect people’s lives and dedication to the patient is essential.  Nurses represent the concerns of their patients and consistently work on their behalf.  Nursing is the most sought after and received patient care in a healthcare facility.

3) Advocacy for the patient:

In order to be an advocate, it is important for patients to trust in a nurse enough to divulge personal aspects of their lives for which they may feel ashamed or embarrassed.  This information is often critical to providing the most comprehensive healthcare possible.  Patients who are dealing with difficult situations including spousal, child or elderly abuse or drug and alcohol abuse are often too embarrassed or afraid to discuss these issues.  Nurses provide a trusting environment which promotes a greater opportunity for patients to confide in them and ultimately receive the highest quality and safest healthcare necessary.

4) Accountability and responsibility for practice:

Nurses are professionally responsible for the decisions they make and the consequences of those decisions.  Their actions and professional conduct are required to be upheld to practicing standards and they are required to take action consistent with the obligation to provide optimal care and promote health.

5) Duty to self and duty to others:

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of nursing is the duty to self and others.  Most nurses are called to their profession by a strong sense of duty to help and heal those in need.  This belief system is the cornerstone of the nursing profession.  Nurses have a responsibility to promote health and safety as well as preserve character and integrity and practice with compassion.

Nurses are the most trusted profession for honesty and ethical standards for many reasons.  One reason is that they deliver safe and high-quality healthcare to their patients. Another reason is that they respect all patients and are committed in their care.  Nurses are strong advocates for those in need and develop trusting relationships in order to provide them with the best healthcare possible.   They are accountable and responsible for their practice and promote professional conduct and standards that require high levels of integrity.  Most importantly nurses have a strong sense of duty to self and others and have a calling care and heal those in need.

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