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Did you know that The American Nurses Association (ANA) projects 1.1 million new nurses are needed by 2022? Now is the perfect time to start travel nursing. At Vero, we have built great relationships with healthcare facilities across the country. Therefore, we can place you quickly in highly desirable positions. Our nurses typically can receive an interview 48 hours after submission. So, here are five tips to ace your interview and leave a lasting impression.

1. Review the job details 

Before your interview, review the job details again and visit the facility website. Learn about the local area. Review until you feel confident to speak about the position and why you are a good fit. You can always review potential interview questions with your Vero recruiter. 

2. Be prepared to answer the call 

As a travel nurse, the entire interview process will most likely be a phone conversation with the hiring manager. So ensure your ringer is on, you have a quiet place to talk, and that you feel refreshed, such as having a healthy breakfast & adequate sleep. After your profile is submitted, it’s important to pay attention to your phone, because you don’t want to miss the phone interview. Sometimes, travelers can give a preference of when they are available for a phone interview or a potential time and date. Other times, this is not an option. 

3. Stay engaged during the call 

You are moments away from your new assignment! During the interview, speak enthusiastically, and build rapport with the manager to keep the conversation going. You could mention what inspired you to apply for this role, and what research you’ve found so far about the facility. 

4. Share your qualifications  

When appropriate, highlight your experience that aligns with the needs of the job. Now’s your chance to shine! If possible, include results, patient satisfaction ratings, and performance evaluations from previous employers. 

5. Ask questions 

This interview is always about making sure the position is a good fit for you. To gain clarity about anything job-related, ask questions. At the end of the interview, thank the manager and follow-up with your recruiter for the next steps. 

Congrats, because now you’re one step closer to landing your dream assignment. 

If you’re looking for more tips, download our guide: How to Secure Your First Travel Nurse Assignment. 

 Ready to find a travel nurse assignment? Contact us today to explore travel nursing jobs across the country, and on the islands of Guam & Saipan

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