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St. Louis is a wonderful city to live, work, and explore in! We are currently staffing ICU, TELE, and OR nurses in St. Louis. Apply today and read on to learn our top experiences to enjoy while you are there!

The Gateway Arch

If you are visiting St.Louis you can’t miss the Gateway Arch. This 623-foot arch welcomes you as you enter St. Louis. It is the world’s tallest arch and Missouri’s tallest accessible building. It was originally built as a monument to the westward expansion of the United States. The Arch is commonly referred to as “The Gateway to the West”. You will definitely want to take your camera for a photo op with this amazing monument of our history! 

Forest Park

Covering 1,326 acres Forest Park is one of the largest urban parks in the country. Not only is it a modern-day attraction with 12 million visitors a year but it also has a rich history! Forest Park has hosted many events including the Louisiana Purchase and the 1904 Summer Olympics. The park is known as the “Heart of St. Louis” and we can understand why! It is home to the St. Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Art Museum, the Missouri History Museum, and the St. Louis Science Center. Other points of interest include the Jewel Box, a beautiful greenhouse filled with magnificent floral displays, many golf courses, bike and walking trails, ponds, and the World’s Fair Pavilion. There are plenty of attractions at Forest Park and it is surely a place you will visit over and over!

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

This early Native American city can be visited across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. The historic park covers 3.5 miles and contains about 80 mounds.  Around 1100 CE Cahokia had a population between 14,000 and 18,000, spanned more than 6 miles, and included more than 120 mounds! Cahokia was the largest urban settlement of the Mississippian culture. Today, the Cahokia Mounds are considered to be the largest archaeological site north of the cities in Mexico. If you love ancient history this is a must-see!

City Garden & The Missouri Botanical Garden

Enjoy a day walking through the Missouri Botanical Garden or for a more unique experience stop by City Garden. This urban oasis is the perfect fusion of art and nature! Enjoy works of modern and contemporary art, native plants, 6 rain gardens, and a cafe!

Eat Like A Local & Unwind At The Local Breweries

St. Louis is quickly becoming an attractive destination for all of the foodies! Whether it’s a slice of STL-style pizza with thin crust and topped with Provel cheese or the famous dessert gooey butter cake! You are sure to find your favorite local treat! While you’re at it plan a tour of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery or stop by smaller local establishments like 4 Hands Brewing Company, Schlafly Bottleworks, Grove Brewery & Bierhall, and Urban Chestnut’s Midtown Brewery & Biergarten! You will find no shortage of local joints to wet your whistle and fill up your bellies in St. Louis!

Does St. Louis sound like the perfect city for you? Vero has you covered! Apply Today! 

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