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Cincinnati, OH – Vero RN, healthcare staffing agency is pleased to announce its partnership with Crayons to Computers, a non-profit organization, servicing underprivileged students in the Greater Cincinnati area. 

Founded in 1997, Crayons to Computers distributes free school supplies via partnerships with sponsoring companies and organizations to students in the region. Through their Teacher Free Store and Mobile Outreach Program, they offer a variety of materials that support learning and enrichment items that teachers use to motivate and inspire student engagement. 

“My students generally come with very few, if any, supplies each day. I never would have been able to provide enough supplies for my students if it was left to my budget. I’ve noticed an increase in engagement, and I feel that my students are more willing, or even excited, to do the work in class now,” said a teacher in our area. 

According to the organization, more than 144,000 K-12 students in the 16 counties served by Crayons to Computers cannot afford school supplies. In 2019, with the help of sponsorships, the organization’s annual Push 4 Pencils school supply drive collected 130,805 school supplies items with an estimated value of $177, 321. 

“To give perspective to these numbers, the supplies generated through the Push 4 Pencils equaled nearly 300% of the number of 24-count boxes of crayons distributed in the first two months of the year and more than 75% of the one-subject notebooks distributed so far. Your support of our Push 4 Pencils campaign truly makes a difference and helps level the playing field in the classroom by providing students in need the tools to succeed in school. Thank you!” said Crayons to Computers President & CEO, Amy Cheney. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Crayons to Computers organization or becoming involved, visit their website at

About Crayons to Computers

Crayons to Computers provides the link between academic success and poverty. Crayons to Computers is comprised of people who push the boundaries of what is possible within our city and organization. Bringing joy to underprivileged kids is what drives them to continue to challenge the limits and spread our organization’s message locally, regionally and nationally. At the end of the day, generating excitement around education is what they are all about.

About Vero RN

Vero RN is a healthcare staffing agency, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. The agency was founded by nurses & industry professionals in 2016, and is Joint Commission Certified. The agency is determined to build beneficial lifelong relationships between highly qualified healthcare professionals and client facilities – that meet staffing demands. 

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