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At Vero, we love showcasing our travel nurses and recruiters. In this blog post, we’re shining the recruiter spotlight on Simon Turnheim, who has worked with Vero since the very beginning, almost 5 years ago. Simon has not only helped mentor our new recruiting team, but he also enjoys placing travel nurses in their dream jobs. 

Why did you become a Senior Healthcare Recruiter? 

Healthcare is in my blood. It’s only fitting that I’ve found a career in healthcare. My mother was a nurse in England before we moved to the states in 1999. Her father, my grandfather was a doctor. That’s why I’m so passionate when I speak to nurses because I understand the hard work that nurses do, as I watched my mother do it for so long. I truly admire nurses because they work so hard and with the industry in such short supply of RNs, we must solve that problem. 

If you were a product on a shelf, what would the description say?

 My description would say “Pick Me – and not just for finding you the best paying assignments. But I am also a person who’s passionate, transparent, and readily available to help you every step of the way. Finding a great assignment should be easy. As nurses give quality care to their patients, let me give quality care to them as their recruiter, so they can truly enjoy the most of their travel assignment.

What’s the best part of your job?

 The best part of my job is meeting amazing nurses across the country, who are all different, come from different locations, backgrounds, etc. I enjoy helping them live out their dreams, and in some cases have once-in-a-lifetime experiences, such as traveling to the beautiful island of Guam. 

What is something about you that other people may not know?

 People may not know that I’m originally from England. That I’ve visited Guam multiple times and loved it! That I am a family person and I have a wonderful little niece. And that I love to work out and stay healthy. I LOVE to travel all over the world. I hate Mayo and Sour Cream!!! I’m allergic to almost everything 😊

What’s your #1 piece of advice for someone who wants to become a travel nurse?

Do your homework.  Know the industry. Understand what states pay well and which ones do not. There is confusion about pay packages, so compare taxable and non-taxable income. Ask agencies, what benefits they can offer you.

10 years from now, you will be…

I see myself continuing to grow my career at Vero, as the company grows. Hopefully, in the future, I can manage different departments and recruit/travel to many international locations. 

If you would like to connect with Simon, follow him on Facebook or send a direct email at

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