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Celina is an MS/Tele Progressive Care Unit Travel Nurse. With over 14 years of nursing experience, she was ready to embark on a new life journey in Saipan.

Originally, Celina worked at an Army Hospital in her hometown of Fort Knox. After the hospital closed, she considered the world of travel nursing. Her first assignment was in Tennessee, followed by a Guam Travel Nurse Assignment in 2016. While in Guam, she fell in love with the location and beauty. Years later, she’s back for another adventure, but this time, she’s chosen a nearby island of Saipan. Keep reading to learn more about Celina’s bucket list adventures.

Travel Nursing on the island of Saipan 

Celina is thoroughly enjoying her current assignment in Saipan. She is an outdoorsy, adventurous person, who loves nature and hiking. She’s also made great friends and is enjoying the slower pace of island time.

“Everyone here is very accepting and take you in as family. That’s something I really appreciate here. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle then this is the place for you. It might take some time to adjust to a new way of doing things, but you finally get a chance to relax and escape the fast pace of it all,” says Celina.

Some of Celina’s favorite island gems include Bird Island and Wind Beach. “The coastal views are breathtaking. You can go hiking every day, up and down the rocks. The locals are so nice, they will show you the best places to go to. There’s one road on the island that goes all the way around it, which adds to the convenience.”  

Moving across the world to an unknown location, can be intimating. Celina shared her tips for things to know before you go. “Due to the shutdown, we found really good deals. When we first came to the island, we stayed in a hotel. After talking with others at work, someone recommended a rental to us. My roommate and I pay $1000 for a two-bedroom, that’s near the hospital. For transportation, we’ve used Saipan buy and sell Facebook group.”

Celina is working in the only hospital on the island. She took her assignment at the beginning of COVID. “We’ve been lucky and have had only about 50 cases since March. Fortunately, we’re all prepared for the possibility of a major outbreak. We have enough PPE, and the hospital has built stand-alone medic camps just in case. The only drawback while working here is that you have to make things work and use what’s available due to shipment delays or shortages. But that makes you get creative and learn the best tips & tricks to keep everyone safe,” says Celina.

Advice for New Travel Nurses 

Are you ready to take your first travel nurse assignment? Learn from the pros. “You have to be flexible. You are not there to change anything at all. I’ve seen nurses complain on Facebook about things they don’t like at their facility, but as a travel nurse, you need to be open and understand there is more than one way of doing things. By being open, you may learn new skills that you can take with you throughout your career. I’ve broadened my own experiences just by travel nursing. I focus on making every assignment an enjoyable experience,” says Celina.

Celina also mentions that finding the right agency and recruiter can make all the difference. “I came across Vero on Facebook, and Guam really interested me. Now I’m here in Saipan and it’s very similar. I love working with my recruiter Simon because he tells you like it is. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything and is very transparent with me. Even if I need to take time off or figure things out, he tells me to do what I need to do. I’ve worked for other agencies, where I thought we had a good relationship but the moment I couldn’t take an assignment, everything shifted, and the relationship ended. I want a recruiter that I can have a social friendship with, too. I want to work with someone who takes an interest in my personal life, so they can truly help me find the best assignments that I would enjoy. I would highly recommend Simon to anyone.”

What’s one thing you absolutely couldn’t travel without? 

My iPad. I can’t go anywhere without that.

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