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Orientation is an important part of your assignment. It is a time for you to get to know your new workplace, colleagues, and the policies and procedures of the facility. Here are some activities you can expect during your orientation:

  1. Introduction to the facility: You will tour the facility, including important areas that are necessary to provide further patient care

2. Policies and procedures:

You will learn about the facility’s policies and procedures, including patient care protocols, safety procedures, and emergency codes.

What to expect during orientation on your next travel assignment

4. Clinical skills review:

Depending on your experience and the requirements of the facility, you may be asked to review and demonstrate your clinical skills.

5. Orientation to the local area:

You may receive information about the local area, including shopping options, restaurants, and attractions.

6. Introduction to colleagues:

You will have the opportunity to meet your colleagues, including other nurses, physicians, and support staff.

Overall, orientation is a time for you to become familiar with your new workplace, colleagues, and responsibilities. This is the time to ensure that you are prepared to provide safe and effective patient care. Should you find that you are not receiving the information that you need to feel comfortable in your new environment……ask! This is the time to set you up for success

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