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Have you considered becoming a travel nurse as the next step in your career?  We offer competitive compensation and benefits to make traveling with us something you’ll want to do over and over again! Read more about why you should start your journey with Vero!

  • Money

We can’t deny that compensation is a huge factor in the decision process. That is why we offer our nurses competitive high pay packages. You will have the top paying assignments available to you at Vero!

  • Benefits

At Vero great medical benefits are offered on day 1 of employment. We have a variety of medical, vision, and dental insurance for every budget. You are eligible to receive benefits immediately!

  • New Experiences & Career Development

You will get the opportunity to learn so much at each assignment from your fellow nurses.  Your ability to adapt to your new surroundings and thrive as a travel nurse will be a great addition to that resume!

  • Make New Friends

It all starts with your one-on-one recruiting relationship! We have a team of qualified, talented recruiters who have your back. If you are that social butterfly who loves making new friends, Vero travel nursing is the career path for you! You will be sent on assignments all across the country meeting so many new friends from different backgrounds. Also, the more places you go the more friends you will have all over the country to go back to visit when you have moved on to your next assignment. 😉

  • Support 

We are a team founded by nurses with many years of experience and are ready to be your advocates! We have 24/7 experienced clinical support. Our team is equipped to handle healthcare traveling challenges with ease. We are accredited by Joint Commission to ensure delivery of high quality, safe patient care.

Let our experienced team at Vero help you with your decision to become a travel nurse!  We are excited to meet you!

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