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This month, we’re featuring Brandon B., an experienced RN, world traveler, volunteer, and Vero Nurse Spotlight. It’s exciting to see Brandon enjoy the journey of travel nursing. Keep reading to learn more about Brandon.

What did you choose travel nursing as a profession?

The reason I chose to become a nurse was pretty simple, I was in a major I didn’t love or even like and I couldn’t see myself doing that forever but given the fact I had already done 3 years of schooling I needed to find something I knew I could get a well-paying job quick when I graduate; enter nursing. The reason I feel in love with it though is so much deeper. First was that there are so many more options on where to take your nursing career than I had ever realized. The most important aspect though is that you get to be there to help people get better, bring new life into the world, be someone to talk to, someone to fight for them, or even be a comforting presence in their last hours on this earth. That’s what makes it all worthwhile.

The reason I chose to travel is because I wanted to see more of the world and travel nursing allows a freedom that almost no other career in the world can. Given that we work 12 hour shifts we can choose amazing locations and have 4 days a week to explore those locations. You also have the ability to take time off in between contracts to do extended travel. Even the trips from location to location on contracts can be amazing adventures if you take the time to plan it out that way. It’s not all glamorous but the good far outweighs the bad on my personal scale. You will also have so many people come and go along the way that will shape and mold you in different ways, it makes you a better person and a better nurse.

What is your advice for first time travelers, particularly male nurse?

Some advice I would offer to young men coming into the nursing field: ask a lot of questions. Don’t be afraid to look dumb. Anytime a new grad offers me advice that is what I tell them. The best way to look dumb isn’t by asking a “dumb question”, it is by harming a patient because you were too scared or proud to ask the question. My second piece of advice that will work especially well for guys is to just use your physical ability. No one is above wiping a butt, giving a bath, or boosting a patient. Young men are especially physically capable of these things and you will be viewed as an asset by just being willing to lend a helping hand. Everyone loves the nurse who is the first to help out. It’s the best way make yourself an asset as a new nurse or a new part of the staff as a traveler.


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