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Vero is proud to feature, our nurse Diana Idos! We sat down with Diana for a little Q&A and this is what she had to say:

Why did you become a nurse?

Nursing has always resonated with my innate sense to help people. Healthcare as a profession has been a part of my family and is a continuously growing field – having undergone substantial medical advancements and technological innovations in this past decade alone. Admittedly, it is an absolute mental, emotional, and physical challenge differing day to day, but the opportunity to provide for others and be an advocate for those in need is thoroughly gratifying.

Why did you choose travel nursing?

In the early days of my nursing career, I made friends with a few travel nurses and became intrigued with the idea of moving place to place while continuing to pursue my passion for helping people. Still, I applied to other hospitals and eventually was offered my dream position in the ICU in my hometown’s hospital. However, the night before, I spoke to a travel nurse recruiter and ended up turning down the ICU position. I followed my heart and took a chance on something unfamiliar and have not regretted it since.
As a travel nurse, I have the choice of location where I want to temporarily live. I enjoy getting a sense of the region’s culture and scenery; hike mountainous trails, visit the town’s local breweries, and even attend city events all where I’ve had the pleasure of meeting wondrous people. If I like the location, I can always extend my assignment. Or, if I’m ready for another adventure, then it’s on to the next town. I am so grateful to have that liberty.

Where have you traveled to so far?

I have traveled around the Southern US: from South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and back home in Florida. This year, I’ll be going out of my comfort zone and traveling to South Dakota, the farthest contract I’ve taken from home and definitely the coldest.

Why do you like traveling with Vero?

Communication with Vero has always been substantially easy and pleasant with my recruiter, Hannah, along with the rest of the Vero staff. Hannah is easy to talk to and has looked out for my best interest. I believe that a good relationship with your recruiter makes all the difference.

What advice do you have for travel nurses?

Have an open mind and be adaptable. Personally, the most unexpected places are the ones that brought the most joy to an assignment. Also, don’t be ashamed to ask questions. Traveling to a different hospital each time can leave you feeling like the new kid in school. Not knowing the location of the equipment or the appropriate doctor to call can be annoying so it is best to speak up.

What are your hobbies, special interests etc.?

A day in the life of a nurse: eat, sleep, grocery shop, and repeat. But when I manage to steal some time for myself I enjoy sewing, dancing, and being out in nature getting the adrenaline pumping.

We think these comments will resonate with many of our nurses! Thank you Diana for your dedication to the nursing profession and for being part of the Vero family.

Happy Traveling!


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