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Meet Tori S., our September Nurse Spotlight. She’s a new traveler that’s loving her assignment in South Carolina and looking forward to new places to travel such as Hawaii. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic travel nurse.

Why did you become a nurse? 

My mother was a nurse, so I learned about it all early on. I chose to work in the Emergency Room because I love the fast pace environment and caring for the patients. It’s chaotic but there’s a lot of great teamwork.

What inspired you to choose travel nursing? 

I love to travel! As a staff nurse, I would leave a lot to go on vacation. Now that I’m a travel nurse I get to see so many new places, immerse in new cultures, and have new experiences. As a travel nurse, people expect you to know what you’re doing. They have a high level of respect for you and appreciate what you offer.

It can be challenging, as a traveler, because everything is the unknown. You must ask for help and find the best places to visit in that city after work.

When you’re not working, what are your favorite hobbies? 

I love experiencing what the locals do. I don’t go to franchises or chain restaurants, that I can find anywhere. I search for mom/pop shops, that are unique. I ask the other nurses and staff, what’s the #1 thing to do here? It’s a great conversation starter. I found this great Dog Bar, that’s cool, and I wouldn’t have known about it if I didn’t ask.

Why do you like traveling with Vero? 

Honestly, it’s because my recruiter, Michelle, is more than just a recruiter, she’s a friend. I can call her whenever. She cares, beyond just work. We send each other pictures of our travels and talk about everything.

What’s your advice for first-time travelers? 

Don’t wait! There will never be the perfect time to go. Just do it, everything will itself out.

Name one thing you absolutely couldn’t travel without. 

My inflatable 2-person kayak. I pick a river and hop on. It’s free and fun. I took a couple of people I just met recently. We go through the rapids, but that’s a part of the fun.

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