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Robin became an RN in 1987. She’s specialized in ER for the past 9 years. She started to travel because she wanted to explore new places. “I enjoy seeing the country. I’ve been to Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, Iowa, Kentucky, and Georgia. Every place has something different to offer a traveler,” Robin says.

Robin’s hobbies include swimming & crocheting. She’s very adventurous and enjoys spending time with her family. In the future she plans to travel to California. She has advice for first time travelers. “Enjoy yourself. While traveling, discover the area and get out. I love history and visiting historical sites. There is always so much to see and do as a travel nurse. So make your trip worthwhile, and make new discoveries,” she says.

Robin enjoys working with Vero recruiters. “I love the availability of my recruiter. If I have any questions at any time, they get answered. I haven’t always had that reassurance at other places that I’ve worked. It’s a good feeling being at Vero,” she says.

Robin’s grandchildren

We are honored to have Robin on our team. This summer, Robin performed a selfless, heroic act that saved many lives. During her ER shift in Greensboro, NC she stopped a patient who had allegedly murdered someone, got out of his restraints, and attached the deputy on duty. The patient was trying to get the deputy’s gun. Robin & the charge nurse ran into the room & managed to pull the patient off the deputy and hold him down on the floor until police arrived.

Robin’s Family

After the incident, here’s what the hospital had to say, “Their immediate response and selfless actions potentially stopped medical staff from being injured or even killed. This is an exemplary vision of heroism and dedication to the nursing practice. We cannot express enough gratitude to Robin for everything she did to keep her team safe.” 

Thank you Robin for all you do! We’re proud you are a Vero Nurse!

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