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Vero recently celebrated 4 years in business! Over the past four years, we continue to strive to improve patient care, by providing exceptional travel nurses to understaffed hospitals across the U.S. One of our amazing nurses is Debbie V. We’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Debbie over the past 3 years. This month she is our nurse spotlight.

Debbie is a Utah native and has been a nurse for 12 years now. Her current specialty is in the OR. Debbie became a travel nurse because she wanted to see the country and visit all the places she’d never been to. “When I’m on assignment, I always want to see the area and meet new people. I talk with other travelers, I read travel blogs and websites, to learn more so that I can get out and explore.”

When Debbie isn’t traveling, she’s volunteering her time to care for animals. She takes heart in rescuing and caring for abused or abandoned dogs in particular. She’s also very close to her family and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.

Debbie has traveled across the U.S. including some interesting locations such as Bismarck, ND, and the Navaho Indian Reservation. “My favorite assignment (so far) was in Lebanon, New Hampshire. The facility was very organized, kind to travelers, and the systems in place were very easy to use. I enjoyed that everyone was a team player, and no one was an outsider.”
While travel nursing is a rewarding and exciting career, it has its challenges. “One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a travel nurse is learning new systems and processes very quickly. Every hospital can go about things differently. But what has helped me overcome this is writing very good notes, and asking questions,” said Debbie.

Another challenge that travelers face, is getting homesick from time to time. Debbie discussed how she keeps her family close while traveling most of the year, “Being on the go and traveling a lot comes naturally to me because my dad was in the Air Force so we never stayed in the same place growing up. Now as a travel nurse, I tend to take a week off during or after assignments to go home and see my family. I enjoy those special moments with them.”

Debbie also mentioned her best advice for first-time travelers. She said, “The most important thing to remember when you start traveling is to find a good recruiter that you trust, that makes all the difference!”
Debbie recalls her experience working with Vero and her recruiter, Simon Turnheim “I’ve been working with Vero since 2017 and it has been an awesome experience. My recruiter Simon is the best recruiter ever. What makes him great, is that I can depend on him to help me during my assignment and treat me respectfully and kindly. I can easily pick up the phone and call him about any issues or if I’m ready for the next assignment. I’ve had recruiters in the past that snapped at me, didn’t back me up, or were impossible to reach. He has always been there for me. Once you find a recruiter who’s understanding, polite, and transparent with you, you must keep them during your travel nursing journey. I would recommend Simon to anyone.”

We are thankful to work with great nurses like Debbie each day. We also can’t wait to see her enjoying her next adventure. She’s looking forward to traveling out West and there are a few things she can’t travel without. “I must have my sunglasses! It’s important to have a good pair while driving to a new assignment. I’ve also got a lot of shoes, that are going with me!”

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