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Miranda is a PACU registered nurse, originally from Mississippi, but now living in Ohio.  She has experience working in the recovery room and the Telemetry specialty. Miranda is also a military veteran with experience as a flight nurse. She decided to become a travel nurse in 2013 after she retired.

With her brother having a serious illness, Miranda was prompted to find a career within healthcare. Later, she chose traveling because she wanted to see new places and enjoy worthwhile adventures. Miranda has a big passion for diving. She’s currently attending a Dive Master training course on the breathtaking island of Guam. 

In her own words, she describes her current assignment as phenomenal. Initially, she researched multiple companies to work with, but when she met her Vero healthcare recruiter, Simon Turnheim, she just simply clicked with him. He understood what she needed in her next assignment, and that made all the difference. “My favorite assignment so far is my current one in Guam. What’s great about Guam is there is so much to do every day and a variety of people that I get to meet, some are from America, Philippines, Japan and Korea,” Miranda said.

Miranda looks forward to traveling to other beautiful locations, such as Hawaii. But first, she’s going to choose something closer to home. “I miss my wife and my kitty cats, Oscar & Cole. Being away from them has been the most challenging thing about traveling.”

Miranda understands that traveling for the first time can be intimidating, but the reward is so sweet. “My advice for a first-time travel nurse would be to just do it. Gain the experience and take the chance. Once you become a travel nurse, you will have so much knowledge that you can offer to different facilities, and it’s just an amazing experience going to a new location every few months.”

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