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Whether you are looking for rural or urban life Texas may be the perfect fit for you! The Lone Star State is an affordable option (there is no state tax) for anyone looking for an opportunity for growth, prosperity, and a taste of southern charm! Vero RN currently has 222 open positions across the state of Texas! You can search them here

Here are our picks for the top ten Texas cities for Travel Nurses!

#1 Austin, TX

Topping our list is the capital of the lone star state! With the mantra “Keep Austin Weird” you are sure to find a home for your creative soul here. Austin has a strong job market, low crime rate, and great nightlife scene. It is also known as the top spot in Texas for foodies! This is a great place to meet new people and enjoy what Texas has to offer!

#2 Dallas/ Ft Worth, TX

In our number two slot is Dallas/ Ft Worth, TX. Covering over 9,000 square miles in North Texas there are many opportunities to find your perfect neighborhood in this area! 

Dallas is a large hub in Texas and it hosts the annual Texas State Fair every year! Dallas has some of the best public parks in Texas and in abundance-you will never be more than 10 minutes from one! It is also a great location for it rich and diverse food scene.

Fort Worth is home to TCU and is within an hour from Dallas. It has a similar feel, but with a lower crime rate and cost of living! You can’t go wrong in this area as you will have plenty of job opportunities and much to explore!

#3 Houston

Coming in at number 3 is Texas’ largest city by population, Houston. Houston is home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, a diverse museum district, a foodie paradise, and a booming business hub including the healthcare industry. It is the largest city on our list and definitely for someone who enjoys the big city life!

#4 San Antonio

Next up is San Antonio, TX! San Antonio is one of the most affordable cities to live in on our list! It is home to the Alamo, so a great place for any history buffs to visit! San Antonio has a blend of Texan and Mexican culture that is most prevalently shown off in the cuisine. It has been named a “Creative City of Gastronomy” from UNESCO and offers authentic Mexican, Texas BBQ, and Tex-Mex favorites! A big city with a historic background, an affordable price tag, and unique food scene!

#5 Beaumont

Beaumont, TX is located between Houston and the Louisiana border. 

Nurses will find an abundance of job opportunities in Beaumont with three hospitals, multiple clinics, and large medical practices!

Beaumont’s location brings a unique influence to their food where Louisiana Creole and Cajun cuisine meets Texas barbecue and Tex Mex.

#6 Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is a coastal city with a laid-back vibe! This is a great affordable city to live in and enjoy your down time at one of the many local parks. It has great opportunities in the healthcare industry!

#7 El Paso

El Paso is the farthest Western point of Texas and it is next on our list! It is located on the Rio Grande River and is rich in Mexican culture. Every year they host the Fiesta de las Flores or the Festival of the Flowers! It is a beautiful city to enjoy a new culture!

#8 Round Rock

Round Rock is just North of Austin and shares in much of what Austin has to offer. What it doesn’t have is the traffic and congestion, which is a huge perk! You will find no lack of jobs in this technologically advanced Texas city!

#9 Midland

Midland is the oil capital of Texas but offers many opportunities in the healthcare world! This charming city in West Texas has that old Western vibe and you may find a saloon or two to stop in for a drink!

#10 Frisco

Frisco holds the last spot on our list and is the fastest-growing city in the entire state! You can feel comfortable in Frisco as it has the lowest crime rate out of all the cities on this list. If wealth, job opportunity, and safety are priorities, then Frisco is the city for you.

Interested in a travel nurse career in Texas? Apply with Vero today!

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