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Apply For Your Next Travel Nurse Assignment With Vero RN!

Whether you love the ocean, the city, forests, or deserts you will find exactly what you are looking for in California! Vero RN is currently staffing registered nurses in Bakersfield, CA! Apply for your next assignment here 

Here are our top destinations to visit in your free time around Bakersfield California!

Sequoia National Park

One trip to Sequoia National Park is all it will take to realize how magical this place is! You will be surrounded by the world’s largest living things as you trek through the redwood groves. At the heart of the park is the Giant Forest which is home to half of the Earth’s largest and longest-living trees.

The King of the Giant Forest, the General Sherman Tree is not only the largest living tree in the world but the largest living organism, by volume, on the planet. General Sherman is approximately:

  • 2,100 years old
  • 2.7 million pounds
  • 275 feet tall
  • 36 feet in diameter at the base

You won’t want to miss out on a photo opportunity where you will be dwarfed next to one of these giants! Plan your trip with the help of the national park’s trip planner! You can find it here

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is your go-to spot for the nightlife, food, shopping, and beaches! There is so much to experience here you will continue to schedule day trips on your free days! Our favorite reason…THE FOOD. Specifically tacos, LA has too many taquerias to count and all of them have their own spin on the classic. Be sure to check out LA Taco’s guide to plan your next taco Tuesday!

 If you have more of a sweet tooth then you may want to take a tour of LA’s donut shops! Spread across the city you will find the perfect donut for your taste.  Each shop has its specialty and is worth trying out if you’re up to it! You can read up on Discover Los Angeles’ list of their top donut shops here

Of course, we can’t skip over all of the wonderful beaches Los Angeles has to offer! You can go to Venice Beach if you are in the mood for people-watching and entertainment. In to surfing? You will love Malibu Surfrider Beach. Looking for a family-friendly beach? You will want to go to Santa Monica Beach and enjoy the pier! You can also read about some other favorite beaches here

To discover more of what LA has to offer click here

Mojave Desert(3hr44min) & Joshua Tree National Park (3hr17min)

The Mojave Desert is home to Joshua Tree National Park and is a one-of-a-kind tourist destination in southeastern California!

The park got its name from the Joshua trees native to the Mojave Desert. In total. the park is 790,636 acres which include 429,690 acres of designated wilderness.

In addition to Joshua tree forests, the western part of the park includes some of the most interesting geologic displays found in California’s deserts, which is a popular spot for climbers. Its thousands of climbing routes contain all levels of difficulty.

It is also a great spot for a hike with many trail options to suit beginners and experienced hikers alike. Easy nature walks inside the park include Hidden Valley, Indian Cove, and Cholla Cactus Garden. For a longer trail experience try Warren Peak, Ryan Mountain, Lost Palms Oasis, Lost horse Mine, Contact Mine, and Forty-nine Palms Oasis.

Joshua Tree is also home to more than 250 bird species who either visit the park or are permanent residents such as the greater roadrunner and northern mockingbird. For a great birdwatching spot, you will want to check out Fan Palm Oasis, the Barker Dam, and Smith Water.

If birds aren’t your thing Joshua Tree is also a very popular site for stargazing! The park has the perfect setting away from big cities and light pollution to create a dark, clear night sky!

Ready to plan your trip? You will find helpful information here

If you have been wanting to move to the west coast and start a career as a travel nurse, now is your time! Apply with Vero RN today!

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