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Before embarking on your new journey as a Travel Nurse or engaging in a new contract, it is imperative that you have a strong, trustworthy agency. After all, they represent you and determine whether the next 13 weeks will feel like a vacation or hell on earth.

Being prepared and knowing what you need to ask your agency before you accept an assignment puts you ahead of the game. Covering the basics will ensure that you will find professional engagement while feeling safe in your new area of practice. Here are 20 questions to ask your agency before you accept a position.

All About the Benefits
  1. Is my assignment guaranteed by a written contract which states my hours and pay rate?
  2. How often and how will I get paid? Will it be via a direct deposit to my bank or will I be issued a check?
  3. Does your agency cover housing, utility and transportation expenses? How will you help me move to my new city?
  4. What are your incentives and bonuses like? Do you offer benefits related to loyalty, and how long I stick with your agency?
  5. Will I have access to transportation such as a vehicle? If so is parking provided or is it an additional cost?
Safety and Security
  1. What kind of insurance coverage do you have? Does it include malpractice insurance?
  2. How much would it cost be to acquire your insurance? Are there any expenses that would be deducted from me? If so, on what terms?
  3. What is your insurance coverage? Does it include my next of kin? Can I have a list of terms and conditions that are included in the plan?
  4. Do I need to renew or update insurance when I switch states?
  5. What happens in between contracts? Am I still covered?
The Agency
  1. How long have you been in business? (Check them out online if they are a licensed facility recognized by the national and local authorities to function as an agency)
  2. Do you provide your nurses support when it comes to licensing and credentialing?
  3. Do you have a 24/7 help desk I can call in case of emergencies or concerns?
  4. What areas or states do you provide service to?
  5. Do you provide assistance when it comes to looking for continuing education programs or renewing training certificates such as Infusion Therapy?
Your New Workplace
  1. How long have the facility been accepting travel nurses?
  2. Are there any special endorsements regarding my new facility? Are they currently or about to go through licensing or accreditation? Is there someone to brief me on this?
  3. What is the facility’s nurse: patient ratio per shift? How do they go about their staffing and scheduling? What are the shifts available?
  4. Do they use Electronic Medical Records and Hospital Management Programs? If so, what programs are available?
  5. What are their policies regarding overtime and missed shifts?

Making sure that you are well informed for your next assignment allows you to be prepared for the adventures ahead. Review some of these questions with your recruiter and let us know if you have any other questions we missed!

Vero RN offers a wide variety of positions in the travel nurse field. Our team of experts is standing by to answer any questions you have. Contact us at (866) 617-7682 to learn more about exciting adventures with high paying positions at Vero RN.


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