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Manana Si Yu’os (Good morning) & Hafa Adai (Hello) from Guam!!

Why I chose nursing…

When I was 13, I got to witness the birth of one on my little sisters. I thought it was the most amazing thing and I knew right then I wanted to be a labor & delivery nurse. I loved helping my mom back then and love helping all the laboring moms I work with now. I feel blessed to assist with bringing new life in this world. I’ve only been an L&D nurse and don’t want to do anything else. (continued right)
I like traveling with Vero because it allowed me to come to GUAM! This has been a fantastic experience and I’ve loved just about most of it! I guess that’s why I’m still here. My recruiter, Simon, has been awesome. He’s made my time here smooth sailing and the few concerns I have had during my time here were quickly resolved. I also enjoy the incentives Vero offers, especially all the bonuses and the holiday raffle that I won earlier this year!!
Travel nursing is an amazing lifestyle that allows us to see any part of the world we wish to. My advice to other travel nurses, especially those wanting to come to Guam, is always be flexible and pack a lot patience. Embrace the island life and be easy!!! Si yu’os ma’ase! (Thank you in Chamorro)

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