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Our Best Packing Tips For Your Next Assignment With Vero 

You have gone through the process of applying and interviewing for your next assignment, and you nailed it! You are preparing to leave for your new city, but you have to pack.  Here are some tips and tricks to help make the packing process a breeze! Don’t have your next assignment lined up yet? Let us connect you with one of our dedicated Career Navigators!

Do Your Research

  • What is the weather like at your new assignment?
  • Do you have plans to do any outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, or biking?
  • Do you plan on going out frequently and enjoying the nightlife in your new city?
  • Asking these questions will help you create a list of what items are essential to you during your stay.

Study Your Habits

  • Pay attention to items and clothing that you reach for most often.  This will help you pack more efficiently knowing you have your most useful items with you. It will also help you realize some items that you thought you needed but you actually don’t use frequently enough to pack.
  • Think of the activities you are planning to enjoy during your downtime as well.  What items are essential here and what can you purchase at your new place?

Pack Smarter

  • Consider using packing cubes or space saver bags to make the most of the space in your suitcase.
  • You can also pack a small vacuum to use with your space-saver bags and to have for tidying up your new place.
  • Create a minimalist capsule wardrobe of clothing that you can easily mix and match.  The more functional the items the easier it will be to create multiple outfits for a variety of occasions.
  • As for the shoes, you should have a pair for work, a pair of sneakers, a neutral shoe for nice occasions, and a pair of sandals.  If you are traveling to cold or rainy climates add in a pair of boots or rain boots.
  • If you are driving to your next assignment consider using totes instead of suitcases. You will be able to fit more and have it organized better.  If you don’t have to worry about stairs, you may also want to pack a collapsible wagon to eliminate some of the heavy lifting during the moving process.
  • Buy an electronics organizer to make sure you can safely store all of your chargers, and cords in one space!

Make A List Of Essentials & What You Can Purchase Once You Arrive

  • Don’t worry about packing all of your essentials like toiletries, garbage bags, cleaning products, and toilet paper.  You can buy that when you get to your new place. Or better yet, schedule a delivery service and have the items ready for you at your new home!
  • You can also consider clothing subscription boxes that allow you to rent items and send them back.  This could eliminate needing to pack clothes for every possible occasion.
  • Bring your streaming device or opt into streaming your favorite shows on your laptop.
  • Do you love reading? Bringing along your reading table is a great option, but could you also use your phone?
  • Most nurses run on coffee and if that is you, consider a french press.  A convenient way to make great coffee at home so you don’t find yourself spending $5 a day at the local coffee shop.  This will be light on your wallet and your suitcase!
  • What do you plan on doing during your downtime in your new city?  Depending on what you choose to do this will be a huge factor in determining what is essential during your stay.  Do you love photography? Well, that camera and all of the chargers, cords, and memory cards are essential for you to bring and shouldn’t be left behind. Planning on relaxing on the beach? You’re going to need your swimsuits.

We know packing and moving can be one of the most daunting tasks as a travel nurse. Hopefully, these tips make the process a little easier for you! If you don’t have an assignment yet we will be more than happy to connect you with one of our dedicated Career Navigators! Happy Packing!

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