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Bourbon, Horses, Forest Giants, & Much More 

Are you a bourbon lover? Have you considered an assignment in Kentucky? You can live right along the bourbon trail, right next door to the home of the Kentucky Derby, or a 30 min drive to mingle with some forest giants! Vero is currently filling positions in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. Be sure to search our job openings here 

Here are our top reasons you will want your next assignment in Louisville, KY!

Bourbon Trail

In Kentucky they do trails a little differently.  This isn’t your typical hiking trail, this is a trail for your tastebuds, the Bourbon Trail! If you are a bourbon lover Louisville is the town for you! With 6 distilleries within the city, you are sure to find your favorite bourbon to sip on straight or mix into your favorite cocktail! You can stick to the local distilleries or you can take advantage of your days off to travel across the state of Kentucky collecting stamps for every distillery on the Bourbon Trail Passport (no judgement here)! Plan your bourbon trail experience here

Churchill Downs & Kentucky Derby Museum

Louisville, Ky is home to Churchill Downs and the oldest running sporting event in America, the Kentucky Derby!  Although derby day is the biggest event held here, it’s not the only reason to visit! You can continue to catch horse racing throughout the year with  the next events starting in September!

While you are there stop in to the Kentucky Derby Museum right next door. You can enjoy two floors of exhibits celebrating all things Kentucky Derby, a walking tour of the racetrack, breakfast or lunch at the cafe, or a mint julep at the bar!

Bernheim Forest

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is one the more unique outdoor activities you can enjoy and it is only 30 mins from Louisville!  For their 90th anniversary they welcomed a Danish artist, Thomas Dambo, to construct 3 giant sculptures from the region’s recycled wood. The giants are Mama Loumari, Little Nis, and Little Elina. Mama Loumari also has a third baby giant living in her belly! They recommend hiking the giant trail earlier in the morning or after 3 pm to avoid large crowds and get the most one on one time with these beautiful giants! And this is only one of the many trails available to explore at Berheim, be sure to check out their website to see upcoming events and programs!

4th Street Live

If you love the nightlife and live music 4th street live is your go to spot in Louisville! With so many dining and happy hour locations you are sure to find your favorite hang out spot! Be sure to check out their upcoming music guests and events

Are you convinced yet? Apply to our travel nurse opportunities in Louisville today! 

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