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How often do you thank a vet? Every November, we recognize veterans for their service and sacrifice to our nation. We are honored to have amazing nurses on our team who have served in the military, and those who find ways to support military efforts, such as Katherine Manyai.

Katherine is a travel nurse, on assignment in Guam, an area with rich military history. Recently, Gunnery SGT. Raul Hinojosa was a patient at GRMC. During his stay, he developed a special relationship with Katherine. At 90 years old, GySgt. Hinojosa is one of the oldest Marines in Guam and shared with Katherine that the annual U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Ball was coming up. He had been looking forward to going but was worried that his health might prevent him from attending… and he didn’t have a date.

Katherine had an idea. Growing up, she’d had a very close relationship with her grandfather, who was also a U.S. Marine. Sadly, her grandfather passed away last year and GySgt. Hinojosa made her think of him. Katherine asked GySgt. Hinojosa if he would do her the great honor of allowing her to accompany him as his date to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball and to her great delight, he accepted. On Friday, November 15th, 2019 at the Lotte Hotel Guam, GySgt. Raul Hinojosa and his new friend Katherine Manyai, RN attended the 244th U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

As we gaze at these stunning pictures, let’s remember to take some time and thank a vet, just like Katherine.

*The information and photos shared in this post were provided by GRMC.*

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