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The demand for nurses is ever high these days, so this is indeed, a great career. While you can be a regular nurse, being a travelling nurse is a good choice too if you want to add some thrill to your job. Since the demand for nurses has increased, some areas do experience a shortage, and then travelling nurses are asked to take up duties for a temporary time in all these regions. Your job is stable, but you still get to enjoy variety and experience some new adventures. Here are some of the best reasons for being a traveling nurse.

You enjoy a flexible schedule

The location and duration vary with each traveling nurse assignment. But you can still specify your preferred ones. Since too much traveling can take its toll on you after some time, you do have the flexibility to take some days off or get yourself stationed close to home. And many a times, you can plan a schedule that allows you to avail longer weekends, during which you can come back home.

You get good compensation

Being a traveling nurse is hard work, but you are compensated well for it. For starters, you earn more than regular nurses. And if you work overtime, you get greater benefits. The pays do vary from place to place, but generally you are offered a good package along with a number of incentives. And you are entitled to receive medical and dental coverage.

Your traveling costs are covered

So you think you’ll have to bear all the travelling expenses yourself? Not at all. Nursing agencies can help you find your next assignment. In all cases, traveling costs are covered. And many a times, accommodation is as well. Even if it’s not completely free, you still get to enjoy a huge discount.

What about meals? They are covered as well. So the perks that you enjoy are more and better than the ones associated with a regular nursing job.

You gain experience in several fields

You should have earned an RN degree before you can start a career as a traveling nurse.  As far as specialization is concerned, you can decide that later – after you have tried out various fields while being a traveling nurse.

You hone your soft skills

Over time, you’ll develop several soft skills as a travelling nurse. You find yourself in so many situations and come across different kinds of people. You learn to adapt, think critically and communicate effectively.  And these skills come in handy in all walks of life, not just your nursing career.

You meet so many new people

You come across so many people on your various nursing assignments; people who have interesting stories to share. Your perspective broadens and your network grows. Maybe someday in future, one of these relationships could even help you get the job that you’ve been eyeing.

You don’t have to give up on things you like

Being a traveling nurse doesn’t mean that you live an isolated life. Even during your assignments, you can have plenty of fun, and live the life that you want to.

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