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Would you rather work for a company that was founded by people paying you to fill a spot or with one founded by people who were in your shoes? Is there truly a benefit to working with a travel nurse agency that was founded by veterans of the travel nursing industry?  These questions have recently been asked and we rolled up our sleeves to do some background research on the benefits of being a travel nurse with a company founded by travel nurses.

Understand Your Dreams

Let’s start with your dreams.  In any field you’re in, having a boss, mentor, recruiter or even an owner of a company that once had the same ambition to obtain your dream job is a huge plus. There is often a vast difference in the ability to connect with someone who has shared and accomplished your goals vs someone who has not.  Think of the last social event you attended where you were meeting new people. Most likely, it was easier to connect with someone with your same interest. If you were fortunate enough to meet someone in your field that has already been a travel nurse, you probably had many questions that they were able to answer on a personal level that left you with a greater confidence and trust level.

Understand the Process

Having a veteran travel nurse who has been through the process of becoming a travel nurse is found to be very advantageous. Not only do they understand what you are going through, they have also seen what works best for travelers and what doesn’t work. A travel nursing agency founded by travel nurses is much more likely to have adjusted their hiring process to most benefit their travelers and are able to offer the most comprehensive and thoughtful plans. These agencies keep the individual nurse in mind.  They are industry veterans who often times have access to the most coveted and high paying assignments at the most highly ranked and reputable facilities in the country.

Understand the Challenges

Veteran travel nurses have experiences you can learn from to prevent you from making the mistakes that many beginners make. They were once right where you are now and are able to help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls.  They understand the challenges that face travel nurses from choosing a dream destination to being away from home, negotiating pay and benefits and keeping the paperwork organized. Because they were once in your shoes, we found that travel nursing companies that were founded and ran by travel nurses took to heart the challenges that they had faced and worked to prevent these challenges for their clients.

In the end, the company you choose to work for can make or break your experience as a travel nurse. It is reassuring to know that your company was founded by individuals who understand the process, and challenges involved in the job. By choosing a company founded by travel nurses, you’re choosing one that is founded on empathy and expertise, which is what any future travel nurse would want.

If you’re looking for a travel nursing agency that is founded by veteran nurses, Vero RN is the company for you.  Vero RN can place you in hospitals and clinics that can help you realize your true potential. Search for jobs and register for new one’s today. Dial 866-617-7682 to start your journey.


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