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When you ask experienced travel nurses, what has helped you become successful in your career? The answers will always include finding a great recruiter. But when you’re new to this industry, how do you know what to look for in a recruiter? Remember, any recruiter can find you a job, but it takes an amazing recruiter to help you experience a more fulfilling career. Take the time to find a recruiter that is your partner throughout your travel nursing journey. Check out these 7 qualities of a top-notch travel nurse recruiter.

1. Honesty

Honesty truly is the best policy. It’s the foundation of a trusting relationship. Recruiters should be transparent about job details & challenges that could arise, facility location, and the skills you need for that specific role. Nurses should have a clear understanding of what to expect before accepting a job offer.

While on a Saipan assignment, Travel Nurse Celina shares her experience, “I love working with my recruiter Simon because he tells you like it is. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything and is very transparent with me. Even if I need to take time off or figure things out, he tells me to do what I need to do. I would highly recommend Simon to anyone.” 

2. Knowledgeable

Travel nursing is a competitive industry. Good recruiters are very knowledgeable about the market demands, job locations, first-time traveler-friendly facilities, and they have a good understanding of nursing fundamentals. They can guide nurses through the application process, the interview process, and truly find a position that elevates their career. Good recruiters are on the ball and watch the job board like a hawk to find the best positions possible for their nurses. They are strategic and move swiftly based on the pace of the industry and the nurse. They are strategic and problem-solvers, they know how to leverage their resources to help you. Pro tip: find a recruiter that is recommended by other travel nurses. 

While on a Guam assignment Travel Nurse Joyce shares her experience, “My friend referred me to Vero, because the pay was great, and I had the support I needed. What I like about working with Michelle is that she’s vibrant, she’s supportive, and she wants to make sure my needs are met. It was beyond just job placement. She clearly explained what the role would involve and all the expectations.” 

3. Excellent Communicator & Accessibility 

From the initial contact to throughout your assignment, good communication with your recruiter is pivotal. While your recruiter is likely to work with many travel nurses, you should never feel alone during your journey. Most likely, your recruiter is your main point of contact at the agency, and your phone calls, texts, emails should always be answered promptly. You should have peace of mind knowing that if a challenge arises or you need immediate support, you can depend on and communicate effectively with your recruiter. Good recruiters will respond to your needs at any time or provide you with 24-hour emergency support because your voice should always be heard.

While on an Alaska assignment Travel Nurse Heather shares her experience, “I felt very in the loop about all the things that I needed to know as a travel nurse. My recruiter, Angie made me feel comfortable and has had good communication throughout the entire process.” 

4. Attentive & Well Organized 

Good customer service is the standard for any company. But a top-notch recruiter takes it further. They actively listen to what the nurse needs and wants instead of pushing their own agenda. They will find the right position for a nurse, based on their season of life, resume, skills, conversations, etc. For example, if you only want positions with warmer weather, then constantly pitching positions in Alaska wouldn’t interest you. It shows that the recruiter is not attentive to your needs. Good recruiters don’t just remember names and faces they genuinely take an interest in you. They ask the right questions to gain a deeper understanding of how to help you. They take their time to understand your needs and present opportunities for achieving your goals. By being attentive and organized, they can showcase your best qualities to the client. 

While on a Washington assignment, Travel Nurse Irina shares her experience, “My recruiter Phillip Stovall is great. He’s very nice, calm, collected, and he has worked hard for me. He’s very patient and understanding. Phillip stayed in contact with me for quite a while and now I was finally ready to take the leap and go traveling.”

5. Empathic 

Nurses live a different lifestyle than many other professions. They work long hours, sometimes overnights, their schedules change often, and they deal with sick patients & their families daily.  Therefore, recruiters who have empathy help nurses feel understood and appreciated because they put themselves in their shoes.

While on a Guam assignment Travel Nurse Nicole shares her experience, “My recruiter Simon has always been available to me. He understands the challenges we go through here and is sympathetic to them. For me, he has always acknowledged what is happening and checked in on me regularly, and that makes the difference. When you’re so far away and in a new location, it’s important to have support. If something happened overnight, he’s responsive and gets things done.” 

6. Relationship-Building Focus 

You and your recruiter are a team. You should not feel like a number, but instead like a priority. If you have concerns, your recruiter should help you find a solution. They are your advisor to help you find the next best step in your career. A top-notch recruiter is going to advocate for you and speak highly on your behalf to the client. They are working with account managers, compliance, and payroll to ensure you have all you need to be successful and put at ease. A top-notch recruiter is with you for the long-haul. 

While on an Oregon assignment, Travel Nurse Sandra shares her experience, “When I first interviewed with my Recruiter, Michelle Breitburg, she told me that this is a chance for her to get to me and for me to get to know her. At that point, if it was a good fit, then we move forward. She wanted to know everything about me beyond my resume. With other recruiters, I’ve been left in the middle of an assignment with no contact. I wanted to align myself with one person, one company that was a good fit, and I found that. I have an amazing support team [with Vero] who takes pride in taking care of me during COVID and that feels amazing.” 

7. Complementary Personality 

Lastly, make sure that you find a recruiter that you click with because if they don’t “get you” then it probably won’t work. Just as a recruiter is searching for a quality candidate, you are searching for a quality recruiter. Don’t be scared to interview them to find one that is your match. Working professionally with a recruiter whose personality, values, and humor complement yours, will help you find your dream assignment faster and make your experience better.

There you have it! Now you’re ready to find a top-notch recruiter with amazing qualities. And remember, at Vero, we have an unlimited $1000 nurse referral program.

So, if you know a travel nurse who’s ready for their next adventure, send them our way, and we will take care of them. Join our Facebook communities to connect with other travel nurses.  

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