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Did you know that fall is considered the best time of year to travel? That’s because this season offers endless possibilities for fun and adventure. During the official “sweater weather”, travelers can enjoy comfortable climates, less crowded attractions, cheaper flights & accommodations, and stunning scenic views. Check out these favorite fall destinations, for nurses who love to travel when the leaves turn colors and pumpkin spice is on the menu.


Guam travel nursing jobs

Guam is an island in the South Pacific. It is a U.S territory, with its own native culture. English is the dominant language and the U.S. is accepted. Guam has beautiful beaches, terrific weather, a variety of water activities, and nearby travel destinations in Asia. We have exclusivity to a great hospital in Guam, that allows us to place qualified nurses quickly. Our Guam contracts include free round-trip airfare, free transportation to/from work, housing planning assistance, and extension opportunities.

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West Virginia 

West Virginia Travel Nursing Jobs

This wild & wonderful destination is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast and thrill-seeker. West Virginia is a budgeter’s dream – with household necessities much less than the national average. Travelers will enjoy climbing the Appalachian Mountains, camping, rafting, riding ATVs, and exploring an area rich in history. West Virginia has plenty of small-town charm, too. Charleston, WV hosts many community events throughout the year, with nice local shops downtown. The state landscape is stunning. As you drive the Highland Scenic Highway, you’ll be forever thankful for whoever came up with the idea of “road trip”.

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Kentucky Travel Nursing Jobs

The Bluegrass state has plenty to offer and it’s one of the most affordable places to live. Leave the city and explore the outdoors. In the northern area, visit Cumberland National Historical Park, Red River Gorge, and Zilpo Scenic Byways, while down south see the Wilderness Road Heritage Highway. The byways pass through heavily wooded and mountainous terrain that shows off fall foliage colors to great advantage. In Kentucky, fall is the perfect time to take the Bluegrass Country Driving Tour or try a rail excursion. The tour glides past many horse farms and provides an excellent way to take in the fall beauty.

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Ohio Travel Nursing Jobs

The Buckeye State offers unique experiences for explorers. Whether it’s the Ohio Renaissance Festival, the Haunted Prison Experience, the Old Mans Cave in Hocking Hills, or anything else in between, no fall weekend goes by without some sort of seasonal adventure. In the charming town of Wilmington, Ohio – travelers can explore its historic downtown, antique shops, upscale theater, breweries, and grab a glimpse into the Quaker of “Friends” way of life. A must-see attraction is the Clinton County Barn Quilt Trail, a community project spanned the length of a year and resulted in 52 unique qualities displayed on area barns. Nearby Ohio cities include Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and more.

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New York 

New York Travel Nursing Jobs

The Empire State is known for its stunning fall views. Whether you’re taking a stroll through Central Park, attending a televised holiday parade, or shopping until you drop on Black Friday, there is something for everyone, during the fall season, in the city that never sleeps. Assignments in New York allow you to take great day trips to other East Coast hotspots such as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and more.

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Alaska Travel Nursing Jobs

Fall in Alaska is magical, with beautiful northern lights beginning to take shape. During the summer months, Alaska receives nearly 24 hours of daylight, and in the winter months, it’s the opposite. Now, locals are beginning to see the starts for the first time in months. The wilderness is full of open tundra, without many trees. In these valleys and high alpine areas, the ecosystem exists entirely on the ground in the form of riverside mosses, berry patches, and rough foliage, which undergoes a colorful change. The weather is mild. It doesn’t typically snow at lower elevations yet, but it will snow in the mountains, creating a stunning scenic backdrop between the fall tundra and the white-capped mountains.

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California Travel Nursing Jobs

The Golden State is amazing year-round. The best part about California, you can experience a variety of seasons all at once by traveling throughout the state. Travelers will enjoy fall foliage in the Yosemite Valley and eye-catching golden aspen trees in the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Fall brings clear skies as the summer fog thins out. Travelers will enjoy the same summer activities but with fewer crowds, including spectacular views, beaches, wineries, light shows, tours, amusement parks, and harvest festivals galore. Top destinations to visit – San Diego, Los Angeles, Disneyland, Death Valley, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe.

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South Carolina 

South Carolina Travel Nursing Jobs

South Carolina is noted as one of the most beautiful places to live in America. Pack your bags and explore this grand state, with year-long pleasant weather, low cost of living, and easy access to mountains & beaches. Not to mention the short drive to popular destinations, such as Atlanta, Charlotte & Charleston. Travelers will enjoy lingering temperatures in the 70s, horseback riding on the beach, off-season camping, one of a kind fall festivals, and much more.

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