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Washington is home to Mount Rainier, a stratovolcano located in Mount Rainier National Park. This peak is a sight to see and a beautiful spot for a quick getaway in the summer months. Vero currently has 40 openings in 14 cities in Washington ranging from a 30 minute to 5-hour trip away. Check out those positions here

Here are the top summer activities to enjoy at Mount Rainier


Paradise is famous for its views and wildflower meadows. If you are coming to see the wildflowers this is a must-see location for you! Paradise offers many hiking trails for a variety of experience levels and accessibilities. Meadow trails include Nisqually Vista Trail, Skyline Trail to Myrtle Falls, Deadhorse Creek Trail, Morraine Trail, and Alta Vista Trail.  Any of these trails will offer amazing views of Mount Rainier, the wildflower meadows, and local wildlife!

Carbon River & Mowich Lake

Carbon River is located in the park’s northwest corner. This part of the park receives high amounts of rainfall so the climate and plant life found here resemble that of a temperate rainforest.

Mowich Lake is the largest and deepest lake in the park and is surrounded by wildflower meadows. When hiking these areas please stay on the trails to not disturb the fragile meadows that thrive here.


Mount Rainier has over 20 waterfalls to explore. We recommend hiking to Silver Falls and Myrtle Falls for spectacular views!


Sunrise is the highest point that can be reached by vehicle at Mount Rainier National Park. In summer, Sunrise provides breathtaking views of Mount Rainier. Sunrise Point offers nearly 360-degree views of all the park has to offer. There are many trails to choose from to hike at Sunrise but here are a few of our favorites: Tipsoo Lake Trail, Crystal Lakes Trail, Naches Peak Loop Trail, Summerland Trail, and Sunrise Nature Trail. Along these trails, you will experience a little bit of everything Mount Rainier has to offer: peaks with glorious views, valleys, lakes, meadows, and wildlife (look out for Elk and mountain goats)!


Be sure to look up to the stars during your visit to Mount Rainier, you will be amazed at beautiful celestial views! This is a great opportunity for any photographer to capture a truly breathtaking night scene! You will not want to miss this, we promise!

Gondola & Hot Air Balloon Rides

Maybe you would enjoy a view from above? Well, then a ride on the Gondola at Crystal Mountain is perfect for you! The Gondola ride will take you over 2,400 feet to the summit, while you enjoy the views of wildflower meadows and mountain peaks. Here you can enjoy lunch or dinner at the highest elevation restaurant in Mount Rainier National Park.

Seattle Ballooning has offered hot air balloon rides at Mount Rainier since 2015 and is a favorite amongst travelers to the park. You will take a 3-hour tour soaring at 3,000 ft receiving the most unique views of Mount Rainier! This is an exceptional experience to indulge in during your visit!

Explore The Park From Your Car

Take a drive on the White Pass and the Chinook Scenic Byway to take in views from the comfort of your vehicle! You can also take a wild drive at Northwest Trek and see some amazing local wildlife!  While traveling, stop by the Ex-Nihilo Sculpture Park for a unique experience! Dan Klennert’s yard showcases his amazing iron sculptures! A nice change from the typical hiking trails!

Plan your trip to Mount Rainier National Park by visiting They have even made the process simple for you by providing a variety of itineraries based on the length of your visit and who you are traveling with! You can find those here 

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